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Lamport Lecture Series: Dr Conny Bailey

20 AUG
Lamport Collection in Context

Dr Conny Bailey – Seeing what a Man should See: A Snapshot introduction to the Grand Tour
5.45pm – 6.45pm
This event precedes the Grand Tour concert performed by Fiori Musicali, starting at 7.30pm

The Isham archives contain many a document that supports or adds to our overall knowledge of the seventeenth century grand tour. Using some of these documents in conjunction with other historic materials, Dr. Conny Bailey will discuss some of the practicalities of grand touring, including ‘bear leaders’, the need for vigilance on the road to Naples, and why you should never buy your Titian on a Roman market square. After the lecture we continue the grand Touring mood with a concert presented by the choir and orchestra of Fiori Musicali, principal providers of classical and early music concerts outside London. Events can be booked individually , or jointly. As part of this lecture it will be possible to view pages from one of the local guide books Thomas Isham acquired while in Naples.

Ticket price:

Call 01604 686272 to book.

Refreshments include a glass of white or red wine. A non-alcoholic option will be available. Free parking on site. Disabled access.