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Law and Order Exhibition

14 JAN - 28 APR
Inspired by its collection of Civic Regalia, Daventry Museum’s new exhibition, ‘Law and Order’ tells the story of how order was kept, and looks at the different types of punishments imposed on criminals in Northamptonshire from the early 1800s onwards.

Imagine a time when stocks and pillories were used to punish and humiliate people who committed minor offences, including drunkenness, gambling, and even in the strictest of regimes, dancing round a maypole! The more severe crimes committed such as witchcraft, robbery and murder were punished by various means of execution. Through the museum’s gruesome exhibition, visitors will be able to explore the murky past of Northamptonshire’s criminals.

Opening hours 9.30am – 1.30pm Tuesday to Friday and the first Saturday of the month 10am - 4pm