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Oundle Cinema dOCs , FACING THE DRAGON

16 OCT
Oundle Cinema presents dOCs+ series

7.30pm FACING THE DRAGON (no cert.)

Fletton House, Oundle

Fletton Way, Glapthorn Rd, PE8 4AJ

Dir: Sedika Mojadidi

Duration: 1h 20m

Introduced by Lynne O’Donnell, former Associated Press Bureau Chief, Kabul, who will lead the post-screening discussion.

After the deployment of US troops in 2001, and under international pressure, the Afghan government was forced to ensure that Afghan women became active members of society. As the Americans leave and aid runs out, Mojadidi followed two extraordinary women for four years: Nilofar, a politician, and Shakila, a television journalist. Under increasing threats of violence the two women have difficult choices to make.