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Kevin Walker and Richard York

Join Kevin on a journey that charts the rise and spread of Buddhism across the world, but also a personal journey, of his love of Buddhist culture and values. From a white elephant, a disfigured statue, and a monkey king, to a secret door and a mysterious tomb, “It Started with a Dream”, a collection of tales taken from the Buddhist tradition, will delight, entertain and move you. Richard brings "The Hedgehurst", beginning with a mother cursed to bear a strange child, seemingly half animal. This story, with its cast list including a cockerel as tall as a horse, has evolved from some old and dark places and through many travels. A multi-instrumental musician as well as storyteller, Richard was first attracted to it by its main character, illustrated in a Victorian engraving, which he adopted for his logo. Naturally, music comes into his telling, as it does into many of his performances. We are offering everyone who comes to this performance on Jan 3rd a free ticket to our February Open Tellers' Night, for National Storytelling Week, on Feb 7th.