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The Economy of Care with Cassie Thornton

13 MAY

In this talk, Cassie Thornton will join us in exploring the entanglement between the economy and socio-political public life. We will consider oppressive financial structures and their impact on individual freedoms and wellbeing. How do we organise care under current neoliberal conditions? What is precarity's impact on our collective mental practices? Can precarious conditions lead to uncovering new solidarities and organisational forms?

The artist talk will be followed by an informal Q&A session.


Cassie Thornton is an artist and activist from the US, who makes a “safe space” for the unknown, for disobedience, and for unanticipated collectivity. She currently lives and works in Thunder Bay, Canada. She refers to herself as a feminist economist, a title that frames her work as that of a social scientist actively preparing for the economics of a future society that produces health and life without the tools that reproduce oppression— like money, police, or prisons. She is currently the co-director of the Re-Imagining Value Action Lab in Thunder Bay, an art and social centre at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada. Her new book The Hologram: Feminist, Peer-to-Peer Health for a Post-Pandemic Future is available from Pluto Press.


This event is a part of the Care, Custodianship & Collectivity online talks programme organised by NN Contemporary Art, Northampton.


Access Notes

In light of the current COVID-19 restrictions, the event will happen on Zoom – a link will be emailed to attendees. This event will be live captioned and transcription will be available afterwards. The event will be recorded for archival purposes. For help with how to set up Zoom and accessibility enquiries, email [email protected].