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The Queen Of Horror

15 - 19 SEP

The Queen Of Horror Successful novelist Hannah Gold, nicknamed 'The Queen of Horror', is being interviewed by a young fan for a podcast. But is her interviewer who she claims to be? And what does she really want? We Apologise For The Inconvenience It’s 1984 and Douglas Adams’s editor has locked him in a hotel room in a desperate attempt to get the reluctant author to finish the 4th book in his popular Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy. Notoriously bad with deadlines, Adams is far too busy distracting himself with Life, the Universe and Anything Else Apart From Writing to care, including reflections on his failed Hollywood career, PG Wodehouse, evolution, his relationship with the Pythons and the fine art of tea-making. Will he make the deadline? Oh, and there’s a talking duck in it.