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Triple Harvest

16 AUG - 31 DEC

Triple Harvest is a collection of new online video work as part of In Steps of Sundew, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art’s two-year programme of artistic interventions in public spaces across Northamptonshire. The programme explores the push and pull between nature and human presence and the effect that extracting resources from the landscape has upon those living within it.

For Triple Harvest, Ikran AbdilleMartha CattellAmy CutlerMarie Chantal HamrockSapphire GossAmanda Loomes and Vaughan Pilikian were invited to remix four Corby heritage films to create new narratives through the extraction of archival film material. These films included Peter Paul’s 1960’s documentary film Double Harvest, which told the story of the Steelworks’ impact on Corby, where the land was harvested for iron ore, returning to farmland for future crop yields. In 2016, Corby’s population was projected to increase faster than any other borough outside of London, with much of the land now being developed for homes welcoming new migrations of people to the town.

The online exhibition is accompanied by a new episode of the Fermynwoods Podcast featuring an original Triple Harvest-inspired sound work by artist and former industrial engineer, Anja Borowicz; as well as the original Double Harvest [29:43] film.