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"Women and Power" preformed by Marion Leeper and Jess Law


Marion Leeper and Jess Law, bringing "Women and Power", their acclaimed show combining the telling of Marion and original songs by Jess, with stories from "Orlando Furioso", from Italy, 500 years ago.Meet the peerless knight Bradamante, fighting her way through the dilemmas that face every powerful woman. A mixture of surrealist fantasy and heart-breaking tragedy, this romp through a farrago of mythology asks questions that are as relevant to women today as they were to the court ladies of sixteenth-century Italy who were its first audience: terrorism, immigration, weapons of mass destruction, and the perfect recipe for fish pie.The words in that last paragraph were written by Marion and Jess for their planned visit in 2020, long before current news. Those "relevant questions for today" resonate round the generations and years even more now.